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Tips on How to Workout with Kettlebells


Keeping your body fit is never easy. In fact, you might even find your daily routine exercise boring instead of enjoyable. But there are a lot of ways to make your fitness habit an enjoyable and exciting one and one of which is by the help of kettlebells.


Kettlebells are popular in gyms. But for most gym goers, using one is sometimes neglected due to the fact that most of us doesn't know how to use it or know the benefits it gives to our body. But after reading this article, you will surely love to go the gym and grab the kettlebells immediately.


Kettlebells are very useful in keeping a dynamic strength and fitness to your body as long as you know the fundamentals of it. Kettlebells are very easy to use and you can try the basic six types of exercises using the kettlebells.


The Swing - this is one of the basic moves you may try using a kettlebell. All you need to do is to execute the exercise properly by swinging the kettlebell up to shoulder-high only. Repetition to this step will help strengthen both your strength training and your cardiovascular conditioning. This is even considered to be the most powerful kettlebell movement because swinging it gives you full body power and even fat loss.


Goblet squat - squatting is a basic form of exercise, but assisted with kettlebell workouts, you will surely strengthen not just your legs but it is also considered a total-body juggernaut. There is improvement on your movement while you have that heavy load.


Turkish Get-up - this type of exercise has been useful especially to women. All you need to do is lie on the floor, stand up and then lie back down. But with the extra load you have, the kettlebells, you will surely develop enhanced muscle strength on your shoulders as well as more mobility and body strength.


Strict press - the moment you get used to the first three exercises, strict press is next on the list. It may look easy but doing so in reality is really a burden. But as long as it is continuously done, you will really see the difference on your endurance and strength capabilities. To learn more about kettlebells, visit


The Clean - it may sound "clean" but it is not. This movement is really difficult and requires more time and practice but the result will leave you speechless, visit website here!